The knowledge

Romain Vigouroux has been doing metalshaping since very young. He has worked internationally (in France, Italy, England, and the USA) and in workshops specializing in restoration and prototyping.

It has always been his goal to open his own metalshaping business and preserve traditional knowledge about working with metal and historic cars.

The Workshop

At Metal Passion a variety of traditional and expert techniques, including hammer, dolly, English wheel, power hammers, and gas welding, are used for shaping metal as well as steel, aluminum or brass. The knowledge associated to the precision and attention to detail ensure the best quality in the work.


Ferrari, Delahaye, Bugatti and Aston Martin are amongst the most prestigious cars that Metal Passion has worked on.
Everything is done to restore and rebuild in the most accurate way to respect the original drawing from the most renowned coachbuilders, including Touring, Saoutchik, Figoni & Falaschi, Pininfarina, Vignale, and others.
3D scanning/digitization and bucks are used to help in the fabrication of shaping metal.

Metal is also shaped as well as wood to create custom furniture and artistic objects.



Junior Cars